One package, numerous applications

Our new can series is the right solution for many diverse application areas. This new product is ideally suited for use in the chemical, pharmacy, cosmetic and dietary supplement and lubricant industries as well as in laboratories. Boasting high flexibility, the can series securely packages powders, pills, granulates, pastes and liquids. To ensure that the cycle of raw materials is environmentally friendly and conserves resources, all cans are manufactured from recyclable HDPE and feature excellent emptying properties for residual materials found within. Based on years of experience working with recycled materials, GFV Verschlusstechnik is also able to produce your cans using 100% recycled materials upon request. We decorate your individual brand presence on our cans in line with your wishes, using the best print quality and an in-mould labelling process, ex works. If required, we can also supplement this can series with standard volume gradations for your specific filling quantities.

Safe and flexible packaging


Data sheet WD 13001 MG