Product area functional caps

Based on our experience in the production of valve protection caps, we are increasingly expanding into the field of functional caps. To us, that includes caps that are assuming discharge functions for all types of aerosols, gels and foams. For example, our functional caps can be used as air fresheners, forest sprays, hair sprays or deodorants and are available as versions that discharge vertically or horizontally.

Functional caps for Tinplate cans

VNV-52470 R10

Diameter [mm] 52
Height [mm] 47
Radius R10

VNV-57470 R10

Diameter [mm] 57
Height [mm] 47
Radius R10

Individual development

When more "tinkering" is needed

When the standards available on the market do not cover your requirements or if you are looking for something special, then you have come to the right place. With structured processes, we will guide your product from development to the series production of an integrated, thought-out individual solution. In doing so, we can rely at any time on the expertise of all of the group's business units with their different production technologies as well as product and process focuses.